Exploring My Present Relationships

Explore personal experiences in current relationships using creative expression


  • Connect with and express certain important aspects of yourself that you live and experience in your relationships.
  • “Concretize” your felt experience by making it visible through creative expression.
  • Gain a better knowledge of your present relational life in order to manage it well.


Each day unfolds the same way:

  • A theme proposed by the educator to launch the creative expression well
  • A time for in depth creative expression on that theme
  • A time for taking a distance and analyzing your works
  • A time for sharing your day’s work

The proposed themes

  • Visualizing my current relational landscape
  • Getting in touch with and express my relational difficulties
  • Identifying the tensions experienced in my relationships
  • Identifying my relational capacities
  • Becoming aware of my life-giving relationships
  • Action plan and final inventory

Conditions de participation

The formation is open to all adults. It is advisable to have already taken another training course, either the Who am I? session, or one of the two Discovering the traits of my identity or Progressing in solidity training courses, as well as the Life in me and its hindrances training course. Formation in PRH analysis is required, but no special drawing or painting skills are necessary.

This course is not recommended for people who are severely disturbed or undergoing psychotherapy, unless their psychotherapist advises otherwise.

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