Our Founder


André Rochais

PRH, an International School of Training, was founded in 1970 by André Rochais, a psychosociologist in France.

At the beginning of his research, he asked himself the question: "Where can we reach the human being so that the process of growth (of their personality) and of putting in order (of their functioning) can be activated?

PRH psycho-pedagogy was born from the confluence of this passionate man and a group that quickly formed around him, his thinking and his research.

One of André Rochais' primary interests was to make knowledge about the human being, its functioning and its growth accessible to all people, regardless of their status, language, culture or religion.

Until 1990, the year of his death, André Rochais devoted his life to research and the development of tools that form the basis of PRH training. His work continues to be enriched by the research and development of constantly evolving tools.