Our Services

What services do we offer?

Training activities (groups, modules, workshops from 3 to 30 hours)
Individual accompaniment (One-on-one Helping Relationship)
Monthly Accompaniment groups (GRACs)
Personal training programs
PRH Helping Relationship Training Program

PRH training helps answer these two fundamental questions with a simple and effective method:

  • How to discover and develop my true personality?
  • How to live more healthy, harmonious relationships and improve my quality of life?

Who can benefit from our services?

PRH training is for anyone, young adults or adults, regardless of the reality in which they live: alone or in a couple, family, businesses and organizations. It can meet personal, relational or professional needs.

“The goal of education and growth is liberation! The liberation of a person's gifts and qualities so that they can exercise them fully.” André Rochais

What is the purpose of our training?

The PRH training offers a progression on 3 axes of growth:

  • More personal strength
  • More harmonious relationships
  • More constructive choices

We offer a training program that takes a global look at the specific growth needs of each person.  Thus, the person is guided in a personalized way to make choices consistent with his or her growth objectives.

What is our pedagogy?

This training method is essentially based on the participant's own experience of the proposed theme.

This reading of the inner experience is guided, in a methodical way, by simple and successive questions.

The PRH facilitator provides additional insights and documents that help the participant to go further in his/her personal research.

For a more complete description of our list of workshops, click on this link.