Becoming Fully Authentic

Growth consistent with all dimensions of the being


  • Understand what it means to “be fully authentic”.
  • Gain greater self-assurance so as to assert yourself in appropriate and creative ways.
  • Have a better sense of your boundaries and limitations.
  • Understand what self-respect entails.
  • Lear how to experience true freedom in your relationships.


Part 1 – Where am I in living authenticity?

  • Perceiving myself accurately and allowing myself to be seen in who I am

Part 2 – The emergence of the various components of my being

  • Circumscribing the internal structure of the realities of my identity
  • Acting in accordance with my specific colour
  • Giving priority to my essential bonds
  • Opening myself to the beyond self

Part 3 – Authenticity points to an orientation

  • Listening to the voice of my being through its manifestations
  • Being authentic is...

Action plan and final inventory

The training takes place in a group. Questions invite you to observe your life on this theme and to describe your experience. The time of guided analysis is followed by optional sharing, without discussion. In order to deepen participants’ personal research, the educator gives input and uses various means (diagrams, commentaries, observations notes, etc.). The variety of experiences shared in the group enriches participants. You are then invited to make well thought out decisions corresponding to your actual reality.

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Conditions de participation

To be effective in taking this formation you are required to have taken the Who Am I? and Exploring my Inner World formation. The formation is not recommended for deeply perturbed individuals or for individuals in psychotherapy, unless they receive the approval from their psychotherapist.

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