Overcoming obstacles to my growth

Finding balance in your work of growth, healing, and restoration of order


  • Take stock of what is going well and what is not going well at the present stage of your growth journey.
  • Discover and detect obstacles you may encounter during your personal growth journey.
  • Search how to overcome difficulties so as to accelerate your growth.


Global approach: Overview of my growth

Part 1 – At what stage of growth do I situate myself?

  • Where am I in the work on myself?

Part 2 – Identify certain obstacles and how to overcome them

  • What is going well and what is not going so well in the work on myself
  • My work on the pole of my growth: what energizes me, my aspirations, my limitations
  • My work on the healing of past hurts, my re-education, and paths to progress

Action plan and final inventory

The training takes place in a group. Questions invite you to observe your life on the theme being dealt with and to describe your experience. The time of guided analysis is followed by optional sharing, without entering into discussion. In order to deepen participants’ personal research, the educator gives input and uses various means (diagrams, commentaries, observations notes, etc.). The variety of experiences shared in the group enriches participants. You are invited to make well thought out decisions corresponding to your actual reality.

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Conditions de participation

This formation is accessible to all adults. You are required to have taken the Who Am I? formation, one workshop on analysis, Accelerating My Growth and Growing My Capacity to Love and Receive Love, and to be involved in personal accompaniment.

The formation is not recommended for deeply perturbed individuals or for individuals in psychotherapy, unless they receive approval from their psychotherapist.

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