Learning to Make Constructive Decisions

An effective method for personal discernment


  • Training in personal discernment with a view to making good decisions by:
  • Clarifying the various elements that influence decision making,
  • Discovering tools that support the decision making process,
  • Acquiring the capacity to step back so as to act with greater freedom on a daily basis and with regard major decisions.
  • This training is based on actual cases prepared by each participant prior to the workshop.


A method for decision making:

  • Analyzing a situation
  • Journeying toward a decision
  • Verifying the accuracy of the decision made
  • Rules for constructive discernments

Other themes covered:

  • How you go about making your decisions?
  • Various types of decisions
  • The three levels of conscience
  • Action plan and final inventory

The training takes place in a group. Questions invite you to progress in personal discernment and to integrate a specific method. The time of guided analysis is followed by optional sharing. In order to deepen participants’ personal research, the educator gives input and uses various means (diagrams, commentaries, observations notes, etc.). The variety of experiences shared in the group enriches participants. You are also invited to make well thought out decisions corresponding to your actual reality.

Conditions de participation

You are required to have taken at least the Who Am I? formation and Exploring My Inner World (or Living with More Inner Balance). The formation is not recommended for deeply perturbed individuals or for individuals in psychotherapy, unless they receive approval from their psychotherapist.

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