Finding fulfilment at work

Key phenomena for efficiency, creativity and meaning in the workplace


  • Have a closer look at what you experience in your work environment.
  • Five keys for a better understanding of what occurs between individuals in work environments.
  • Means for existing more fully as yourself while collaborating to the success of the enterprise or organization.


Getting underway

Part 1 – Four important phenomena in the life of enterprises or organisations

  • Aspirations and needs
  • Mission and the culture of the environment from the angle of values
  • Influence and power
  • Fundamental tension in every workplace

Part 2 – Permanent areas of growth

  • Existing and finding your place at work
  • Committing yourself
  • Adapting yourself
  • Managing tensions and conflicts
  • Providing quality services to clients
  • Fostering the quality of life at work

Action plan and final inventory

The training takes place in a group. Questions invite you to observe your life on a specific theme and to describe your experience of it. Guided analysis is followed by optional sharing, without entering into discussion. In order to deepen participants’ personal research, the professional gives input and uses various means (diagrams, commentaries, observations notes, etc.). The variety of experiences shared in the group enriches participants. You are invited to make well thought out decisions corresponding to your actual reality.

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Conditions de participation

This formation is for adults working in a group or enterprise, whether they hold a position of responsibility or not. It is not recommended for deeply perturbed individuals, or for individuals in psychotherapy, unless they receive the approval from their psychotherapist.

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