Core Curriculum Methodical Personal Workshop

You are looking for:

establish a positive relationship with yourself;
know your unique potential;
discover and take your place in relationships.

The Methodical Personal Workshop program offers reliable, validated benchmarks to keep you motivated throughout the process.

You want to give yourself a solid, well-marked training foundation. We offer you the opportunity to take your development into your own hands with the help of FPM:

  • training in self-discovery and the laws of growth;
  • adapted to each individual's pace and potential;
  • methodical, because it focuses on all the dimensions of the person.

Prerequisites for this program

It is essential to have completed the “Who am I?” (or the 2 modules “Discovering the features of my identity” and “Progress in solidity”) and “Listening to what's going on inside me”.

How to register for this program

The three-year program begins with the “I choose to accelerate my growth” workshop. Two options are available:

  • individually, with the support of a training supervisor chosen by the individual from among those qualified to offer the program;
  • as a group, through regular annual meetings

In either case, the coach's role is to advise on the development of the annual project and help achieve the year's objectives.

The program includes participation in a number of basic workshops, as well as the drafting of an annual report.

At the end of the program, an official certificate from the Formation PRH is awarded.


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